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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love, Kisses and Snuggle Hugs

As a mom surrounded by three little boys... I am overwhelmed with love, kisses and snuggle hugs! It is such the life, one I didn't know could be so amazing, one with constant chaos and fun! When I had my third little boy... I learned that God definitely has a sense of humor and that he loves me so much that he has entrusted three precious boys to me to raise to love and know him, to put him first and to lead their families and wives someday. I mean as "girlie" as I am and as much as I love "pink" I would be crazy to say I didn't want a little girl someday. Someone to dress up in smocked dresses (thank god for smocked jon jons for my boys), bows and tutus. Someone to go shopping with to get her first boy/girl dance dress, Someone to get my nails done with (thank god for my girlfriends) and Someone to plan a wedding one day with (obvi). But here I am. God knows best, right? And so I'm starting to agree with him on the boy/girl decision... I mean First of all, if I had a daughter, we would be broke. It would all be spent on her wardrobe of tutus, shoes (obvi), dresses and fun bows/flower hats. Second, I am learning the amazing relationship between a mother and a son. It is far more special that I could have ever imagined. The words "I love you mommy" melt my heart and will NEVER EVER get old. Kissing my boys boo boos away (the multiple ones we have a day), playing in the mud (yes, mud... its a favorite of theirs - never did I think I would LOVE to do this like I do... so glad its so good for rejuvenating our skin too - added bonus :o)) and pretending to be superheroes and fly all over the house all make me feel like I'm a real supermom! Their sweet hugs, kisses and smiles are music to my ears and I am in awe of how blessed I am everyday!! And so now here I am... a mom of all boys! And with all my prayers about having all boys and how did this fit into my life story, I am beginning to understand just how important my job really is. I have three little boys to raise to be the most amazing men who will one day take care of someone else's daughter. I have the job of teaching them to respect, praise and honor women. I am learning that my job is still about the daughters, just in a different way. I so badly want to teach my boys that emotions are okay. The answer isn't (always) to hit. That gifts and thoughtfulness are necessary in a romantic relationship. I want to raise my boys to be loving and strong men of god who will be amazing husbands and lead their families to our heavenly father some day. What can I say... it seems like I have my work cut out for me... first I think I need to focus on how not to throw your food on the floor during meal times.. but its baby steps, right?! So as a mommy of all boys... what can I say... I feel beyond blessed!!

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